“Being a sponsor of The Go-Abroad Fair means full-circle service”

More and more Dutch students decide to go abroad for either a study, a gap year or an internship. These adventurous students are looking for information about all possibilities abroad.  How do you reach out to these aspiring adventurers? For most students the most effective way is to have all educational institutions and organizations in one inspiring physical place. In other words: The Go-Abroad Fair in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. With over 7.500 visitors it is the biggest international student recruitment fair in the Benelux. That makes it an ideal place to gather information, meet the institutions and make progress in the decision making. On the other hand, for an institution or organization this automatically means that there are a lot of prospects there. The Go-Abroad Fair is the place to display your organization. But how to get the best ROI out of your investment? Well, that is by becoming a sponsor.

Why become a sponsor?

In this paper we do an effort in answering the question why it is beneficial to become sponsor of The Go-Abroad Fair. To get a compelling answer, interviews were conducted with two of our esteemed partners and sponsors. In this paper a summary of those interviews is presented. In case you are looking for an effective and beneficial way to promote your educational institution or organization to – and to generate more leads from – a motivated and well oriented audience, you should definitely read this. The two interviews were held with Education First (EF), and OOM Insurances. As respectively a partner and sponsor, they will each explain why they have chosen to become sponsor, what the benefits are for them, and what they like about the fair in general.

EF Education First sponsor

EF: “Being partner of The Go-Abroad Fair improves our visibility”

With about 52 different locations and twelve different languages to learn, EF is the biggest language travel organization world-wide. They offer courses to everyone who is willing to learn a language abroad, from English to Korean. The age of their target audience is mainly from sixteen to twenty years old. EF has been closely involved with The Go-Abroad Fair from the beginning. First as founders and since a couple of years as partner. One could easily say they know the ins-and-outs of the fair. David Mirshahi, Marketing Manager Education First – Dutch Department, explains why. According to Mirshahi, the main reason they are still active as a partner is because the fair is really good for branding. “For us it is very important to have new customers every year because most of them only go on a language trip once. If we don’t keep branding ourselves, we will definitely lose market share. See, we don’t sell a service that people buy over and over. The Go-Abroad Fair is by far the best fair to promote our brand and as a partner we get many extra benefits, such as a prominent spot, visibility throughout the fairground, the website, the printed magazine and more.”

Direct communication with the target audience

Another important reason why EF is still active as a partner is that the organization values the direct communication between EF and their target audience. “Because the audience is well prepared, they know what they are looking for. This makes it easier for us to have a good conversation and generate more leads. The audience is very interested and not afraid to ask questions.” As a last reason Mirshahi names the collaboration between OGZ and EF. “I really appreciate the short lines between us and the organization. It is always easy to communicate with them and they always think along in solving issues concerning the fair.”

Oom Verzekeringen Sponsor

OOM Insurances: “Being a sponsor of The Go-Abroad Fair means full-circle service.”

In 2019, OOM Insurances decided to upgrade their participation in The Go-Abroad Fair. As a sponsor, the insurance company – which specializes in people who go abroad for a definite period of time – experiences many benefits. The reason they decided to do so is because, according to Chantal Deen, Brand & Communication Manager at OOM, “at this fair it’s all about branding, branding, branding. It’s not our main goal to generate as many leads as possible. So, we are sponsor mainly for visibility. Because of that our brand visibility is strongly increased. Our name is displayed at many places both offline and online. We also got to give a presentation. I was positively surprised by the attendance and the feedback of the audience.”

Online and digitally advanced

Deen: “In comparison to other fairs, The Go-Abroad Fair has more online exposure, and is more digitally active. I really like the tablets at the entrance where visitors can create their own personalized map with points of interest at the fairground and more important: the ability for us to scan visitor’s tickets so we can follow up on them in case they want extra information. To such an advanced fair we want to attach our name.” Moreover, Deen states: “The Go-Abroad Fair is present at every aspect of the funnel. For instance, The Go-Abroad Fair targets both deans and parents. They are very influential in the student’s choice; this is a real asset. Another example is the service on the fairground: the organization is with us in every aspect, they have thought of literally everything. That definitely was a reason to upgrade our participation and become sponsor.”


In this paper we did an effort in answering the question why you should become a sponsor of The Go-Abroad Fair. To get a compelling answer we interviewed two sponsors, of which one is also partner. We can conclude that for both EF Education First and OOM Insurances there are five clear benefits to the partnership and the sponsoring of The Go-Abroad Fair:
•    Both organizations state, independent from each other, that the sponsorship makes it easier to reach out to their target audience;
•    Also, by being partner or sponsor, they have successfully created more brand-visibility. This is the main reason they have become partner or sponsor;
•    EF states that the Go-Abroad Fair is 100% their target audience. Also, visitors are well prepared and not afraid to ask questions;
•    OOM-insurances state that the fair in general is digitally advanced. This was a trigger to attach the organization’s name to the fair as a sponsor;
•    Lastly, both organizations mentioned the good collaboration, service, and communication between them and OGZ.

Become part of The Go-Abroad Fair

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