Our government recently (November 12th) announced new corona measures. I can imagine you have questions about the Go-Abroad Fair on November 25th & 26th.

So let me answer the most important question right away: The Go-Abroad Fair will continue! And we are very happy with that, because now, more than ever, we want to be here to help prospective students in this difficult period as best as possible with finding the right study (direction).

About the measures. Nothing has actually changed. The corona admission ticket and tests for access (3g) will continue to apply during The Go-Abroad Fair. You can access The Go-Abroad Fair if you have a vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or negative COVID test result. Check out the website of the Central Government for more information.

Good to know, everyone needs a personal and printed ticket to visit the Go-Abroad Fair.

Of course we will keep you informed about further developments. For now, the most important message is that the Go-Abroad Fair can continue.

See you at the Go-Abroad Fair!