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High school year, Tussenjaar

Educatius Netherlands

Interested in a term, a semester or a school year abroad?

Willing to become perfectly bilingual?

Willing to experience this once in a lifetime experience?

Choose an Educatius High School program in the country of your choice!

We offer High School programs in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France and in many other countries.

During your exchange:

  • You will live in a voluntary host family
  • You will be the only Dutch speaking student in your host family
  • You will be considered as another child of the family
  • You will attend the local school in a class with same aged students
  • You will make friends for life and open doors for future career success

Willing to choose your guaranteed state or metropolitan area? 

  • Choose our Classic High School or Gap year program in the USA!

Educatius Netherlands is the only organisation guaranteeing state or metropolitan areas in the USA!

Educatius Netherlands is part of Educatius Group. 

Educatius Group is an experienced and trusted organization that is proud to be a leader in the field of international education. 

With all our partners around the world, we have a service-level commitment to ensure that all our High School students receive personalized support from the application process through the duration of their time abroad. 

Experience a full immersion, discover a new culture, a new school system, become bilingual and more mature! Study abroad!

To learn more, take a look around our website:

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