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Forward College

FORWARD COLLEGE is a novel Higher Education Institution that aims to realign learning with the requirements of tomorrow's top jobs, students' aspirations and our need for positive change. It is designed for bright students who wish to go beyond academic excellence and also nurture their practical, technological, social and emotional intelligences. Combining human intelligences also means we believe in teamwork. At FORWARD, we live, we learn and we act together.

3 years in 3 countries: 2022 in Lisbon, 2023 in Paris, 2024 in Amsterdam. Apply now

Designed with the support of recruiters and higher education experts from all over Europe, our International Bachelors aims to help you with:

1. Excelling with a fully accredited Bachelor in Sciences, Humanities or Social Sciences boosted by innovative teaching methods.

2. Doing thanks to our Degree in Leadership 100% focused on project and digital skills.

3. Living with an exploration of three countries where you’ll co-live in dedicated student homes.

4. Growing thanks to our bespoke personal development programme.

5. Moving to get prepared for top masters and amazing opportunities in the workplace of tomorrow.