Howest, dé Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen

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Bachelor, Master, Associate degree


Howest, dé Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen

Welcome to Howest. Anticipating your future!

Howest University of Applied Sciences is known for its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education and research, its close collaborations with industry, businesses and the social profit sector, and its innate entrepreneurship.

Howest is a member of Ghent University Association and is fully accredited by NVAO, the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation. Our campuses are located in Bruges and Kortrijk, two historical hotspots right in the very heart of Europe.

Our programmes

We offer 1 European Master, 24 Bachelors, 12 Associate Degrees and many Postgraduate Certificate programmes, all with a strong practical focus, in the areas of Business Management, Industrial Sciences & Technology, Digital Design, Architecture, Healthcare, Education and Social Sciences.  We continue to develop the courses we offer in English in order to position Howest as an attractive academic choice for students from abroad. 

Future-proof Skills

Howest continuously adapts its curricula to include new areas of expertise and put its cutting-edge research into practice.  Creativity and entrepreneurship are part of Howest’s DNA.  Field-driven assignments, on-the-job training and internships are key components of each programme. That is how we meet the changing needs of today’s society and equip our students with future-proof skills.  


Howest has built a solid reputation for its application-oriented research, its unyielding commitment to services and education, and the strong partnerships forged with universities and work-field organisations in Belgium, across Europe, and all around the world. Our students and staff are given plenty of opportunities to gain international experience and go global thanks to our international networks, scholarships, and exchange programmes. 

In short, Howest University of Applied Sciences is where you can build a future-proof career with guaranteed job security while thoroughly enjoying the “process” of your education and life in the heart of Europe.