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OOM verzekeringen

OOM Verzekeringen insures Dutch citizens who go abroad for a longer period of time to work, live or study, with cover, for example, for healthcare costs, the dentist or liability.

Who pays for my visit to the doctor abroad?
You are going abroad soon to study or maybe even for an internship. You’ve organised everything and you’re ready to leave, but do you know who will cover the cost if you need antibiotics for that bug that won’t go away? Or what about the costs for setting a broken arm or leg? We all assume it won’t happen, but you never know. You can save yourself (and your parents) a whole lot of stress and worry by knowing how your healthcare costs will be covered. At the Go-Abroad Fair we’ll be happy to tell you all about the ins and outs of insurance in your temporary country of residence.

OOM Verzekeringen

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