Projects Abroad

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Projects Abroad

Do you want to gain experience abroad, are you taking a gap year or are you looking for a worthwhile way of spending your Summer holidays? Then volunteering or doing an internship abroad could be the right thing for you.



Within Projects Abroad the choice of where you go is up to you. We have around 20 destinations and 200 projects you can choose from. We run volunteering projects as diverse as:

Care, Teaching, Medicine & Healthcare, Conservation, Law and Human Rights, Sports, Animal Care, Veterinary Medicine, Journalism, Archaeology, International Development, Cultural Immersion, Agriculture and Building.

You also have the possibility to take language classes in destination focussed on English, Spanish, French or one of the local languages.


How it works

Most of our projects run throughout the year and in many cases specific knowledge or experience is not needed to be able to have an impact. Management plans and workshops in destination help you to be successful at your project.

In every destination our local staff will help and support you where needed. This is part of the package we offer you which also includes accommodation, meals, pick-ups and drop-offs and insurance. In this way we make sure you can travel hassle-free and are able to completely focus on your impact at the project and the long term goals.


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