Stichting into Study Exchanges

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Stichting into Study Exchanges

into Study Exchanges is a foundation that has specialised in organising High School programmes abroad and in the Netherlands for youngsters for many years. Besides an office in the Netherlands, into also has offices in several European countries and we can proudly say that we have already sent many students on an exchange successfully. 

An exchange abroad is a unique opportunity to explore the world, to orientate on your future and to learn a language fluently. You will also meet new people and gain a better understanding of other cultures. Above all, you will learn a lot about yourself during an exchange!

Most of our students decide to join the programme after having taken their exams, but you can also experience a High School adventure if you are still in secondary school. By staying in the learning rhythm it is easier to start or resume a study after a gap year (or shorter).

into offers high quality programmes at affordable prices. We are a small, non-profit organisation where personal support is a priority. We know all our students and their parents/guardians personally, so we are closely involved in each individual exchange. 

During the Buitenlandbeurs we hope to inform and inspire you! If you would like to know more in advance, please feel free to contact us. Check our website, read our brochure or ask our staff at the office a question!

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