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Street Child Nederland

Street Child Netherlands is a charity that was founded in 2014. Through education we help world’s most vulnerable children to have a safe home and to build a sustainable future.

Our sister organization Street Child UK started helping a small number of street children in Sierra Leone in 2008. Since then Street Child has helped more than 100,000 children go back to school, and we have helped thousands of families generate sustainable income so that their children can continue to receive education. Street Child currently works in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nepal, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka.

We believe that education is the best way to grow. Without a strong education base, no society can create a better life for their children or hope for a better future. Everything depends on education, and we think we can make the biggest difference in that area. Since the start of Street Child UK in 2008, the organization has expanded to the Netherlands and a number of other European countries, enabling us to strengthen Street Child's worldwide network and raise funds for the various projects. With this we hope to make big changes in the world!

In order to get the raised funds implemented, Street Child has highly qualified teams in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nepal and Nigeria, with local staff at each location. Within each of these countries, Street Child UK has at least one staff member who advises and helps with the monitoring and evaluation of the various projects. The reporting of Street Child Netherlands comes from this team and this Street Child consultant, which is why we know exactly where our financing is going and who benefits from it.

Because with extra support our work gets easier, and because our project countries are large in size, we get help from volunteers who help us and the local team to do research and monitoring, further training our teacher-trainers, writing case studies, giving computer training to our team, and helping organize our recurring Sierra Leone Marathon or Ride Sierra Leone . We have a selection procedure and only put volunteers who fit the relevant role in terms of skills set and character.


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