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Bachelor, Master, Doctor of Philosophy degree

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Studeren in Duitsland

Have you ever thought about studying in Germany? Studeren in Duitsland is the authority on this topic in the Netherlands and also provides scholarships twice a year for students and researchers who go to Germany. Drop by for information, practical tips and personal advice on studying in our biggest neighbouring country.

Why study in Germany? There are more than 19000 (!) studies to choose from, there is no tuition, the quality of education is excellent and the universities are located in cities with a rich cultural and social life. Moreover, there is a great need in the Dutch labor market for graduates with German knowledge, as Germany is our largest trading partner and a very important country in Europe!

Several possibilities: you can do an entire bachelor or master programme, an exchange (a semester abroad), a language course or research. We are happy to help you with information about the different options.

Studeren in Duitsland is part of the Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam (Germany Institute Amsterdam) and is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Education and the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.