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Bachelor, Master, Doctor of Philosophy degree, Master of Business Administration


Universitat Politècnica de València


At the Universitat Politècnica de València we offer over 40 university Bachelor’s degrees, with a duration of four years, and five double degrees, which allow you to obtain two degrees in just five years. You can also choose among about 80 master’s degrees, grouped into five main branches, and with a wide number of places on offer. PhD studies are the third cycle of official university studies, leading to the acquisition of skills and abilities related to quality scientific research. These studies will end with the development and defense of a doctoral thesis that incorporates original research results. The Engineering and Architecture branch, which offers a large number of degrees at the Universitat Politècnica

The renowned Shanghai Ranking ranked the UPV as the number one Spanish technological university in its 2018 edition as well as in previous years. Something in which we are proud of, above all, a guarantee for you as a future student in our university.

International Presence

We are committed to high-quality education that attracts the best academic records and encourages international exchanges. It is linked to our roots. Currently, we have 600 Erasmus agreements and, in addition, the UPV’s own Promoe programme enables exchanges with universities located in America, Asia and Australia. If you choose to study your Bachelor’s degree at the UPV, you can also study double international degrees.

Several of the official degrees awarded at the UPV are internationally certified: four degrees have been endorsed by American agency ABET, nineteen have the EUR-ACE EUR-ACE quality label and four have the EURO-INF label. We continue to certify our undergraduate degrees year after year, so that our students are recognised around the world.

Labour market integration

The higher the level of education achieved, the faster the employability opportunities. At the Universitat Politècnica we are aware of this fact. But, we also know that internships make it easier for you to find your first job and that agreements with companies are essential, thus we encourage them. By the time they complete their undergraduate degree, one in three UPV students already have a job. During their time in university, they can also work at the UPV through the Servipoli Foundation.

University life: much more than just studying

Your university years will be some of the best of your life. And we are aware that it is only due to the training we provide, as we would like to contribute to your personal growth beyond academic studies. Our three campuses – Vera (Valencia), Gandia and Alcoi – are fully equipped and will allow you to enjoy excellent facilities and the nearby natural surroundings (beaches and mountain areas). We also offer sports facilities where you can practice up to 69 different sports . Needless to say that the cultural activities offered matches the academic offer.