Vejle Sports School in Denmark

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Studie, Uitwisseling, Tussenjaar, Taalreizen

Vejle Sports School in Denmark

Our ½ gap year stays are about challenging and developing yourself.

Each semester we have a small group of international students (17½-25 years) who come to get lots of exciting experiences, to grow personally - and not least - because they love to do sports. 

You mix your classes or go in depth with subjects within OUTDOOR, FITNESS, BALL GAMES, ENDURANCE and MINDEDNESS. In addition, we seek to enhance your personal competencies, skills and knowledge in areas of your choice - clarifying or motivating you for your further studies in Denmark or abroad.

DANISH LANGUAGE: You can take your classes in English, but we also offer Danish language classes, if you wish to learn Danish - with the opportunity to practise your Danish 24/7.

We guarantee an unforgettable experience with lots of sports, energy, sweat, sore muscles, adrenalin, inspiring inputs, trips abroad, social events, great laughs and friendships that can last a life time.

Reduced price for international students. Contact us for more information or join our international Facebook group to get in contact with former Dutch students. 

Overview of Vejle Sports School