Vrijwilligerswerk en stage Tanzania en Kenia




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Vrijwilligerswerk en stage Tanzania en Kenia

Are you looking for a fantastic life experience abroad as a volunteer for a few weeks or months? Do you want to get to know the local people in Tanzania (Africa). Participate and learn? Gain experience and share it? Work with children or participate in projects that contribute to the happiness of the population. We are looking for you.

And that we are a special organisation is evident from the fact that, in addition to volunteering, we are also building a school. We have started building two classrooms for the kindergarten in a village about 30 minutes outside Irringa where there is no kindergarten yet. Half of them have already been built. If we have more sponsorship money, we will build the second phase and we can start with the kindergarten. After that, we will continue with the construction of a primary school. If you want to contribute to this, you are very welcome.