Warning: data parties

We would like to draw your attention to the following: lately, we have noticed that relations of The Go-Abroad Fair (De BuitenlandBeurs) are being approached by fraudulent ‘data parties’. Unfortunately, this happens more than ever before. In most cases it concerns an English email in which scammers try to sell you ‘valuable visitors’ data’.

These parties pretend to cooperate with The Go-Abroad Fair. However, we want to assure you there is NO cooperation between them whatsoever. In fact: we are in no way involved with those crooks. We never share any information without permission, and we will never do so in the future.

To explain a little on what they do: the so called ‘data parties’ use crawling technologies. They search for relevant data on event-websites by looking for company names. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to do something against it, because these parties are almost always established abroad. 

In case you are not sure whether such an email is legitimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us.