International Transdisciplinary Leadership Academy through Community Engagement

FRI 12:45 - 13:15

This is a 2018 presentation

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Cape Peninsula University of Technology, the largest university in the Western Capeand based in South Africa will showcase their International Trans-disciplinary Leadership Academy through Community Engagement. The academy gives  international students the opportunity to develop individual leadership skills and to practice the spirit of Ubuntu through engagement with local communities  in Cape Town, South Africa.  The academy further strives to:

  • Inculcate a sense of social justice and human rights through community engagement
  • Promote graduate attributes through values based education which answers the ontological questions of ... “Who am I in this world? How do I contribute to society? What do I believe?”
  • Understand individual leadership styles and practical strategies on how to grow these through community engagement
  • Understand and conceptualise community project ideas that build and appreciate indigenous knowledge systems
  • Develop a holistic approach to the scholarship of engagement through transdisciplinary community engagement projects
  • Lead to an understanding of societal integration, cultural diversity, partnerships and networks and how these can contribute to positively building society
  • Create a platform to explore research opportuities for community engagement

The basket of tracks to select from include: 1) Ubuntu Youth Leadership camp and community engagement practice; 2) The Pedagogy of Service-Learning/Community Engagement; 3) Space and Place: Rural and urban community mapping; and 4) South African Culture and Cuisine. The academy creates multiple learning and developmental opportunities for students, staff and communities, to engage on an international and intercultural level.