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The 7th edition of The Go-Abroad Fair: a great success

The 7th edition of The Go-Abroad Fair is over. It was a very successful event again, organized on 25 and 26 November at Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Everybody was happy that the fair took place without any restrictions, and it was clear that the fair was very crowded.

Lots of students came with their parents to the fair to collect information about an adventure abroad. The total number of visitors was 11,827; which is a new record for The Go-Abroad Fair. 5,543 people visited the fair on Friday, on Saturday 6,284 visitors were present. 

At the same time as The Go-Abroad Fair, Studiekeuzebeurs Midden took place at Jaarbeurs. It was possible to crossover to this fair, which gave the students extra options. Students who hadn’t considered going abroad before, discovered some interesting international universities and organizations. 

A wide range of inspirational options

With 120 participants, the students had a lot of stands they could visit. A wide range of organizations and institutions provided them information about going abroad. You could learn more about studying all over the world, but also about internships, a gap year, (voluntary) work, an exchange, high school programmes and language courses abroad. In other words: the young adventurers had plenty of options to discover. Or as one student said: “There's a lot to see and learn here.”

Some students already had a clear idea which country they wanted to visit, others came to the fair just for orientation. For example this student: “I want to go abroad, but don't know where to go. That's what I want to find out here.” Another student told us the following: “There are lots of places to visit. Even if you don't know what to study, it's still good to search. You learn about lots of nice places to study.”

An extensive lecture program

Next to the many (international) organizations exhibiting, The Go-Abroad Fair also provided an extensive lecture program. The sessions varied from things you should arrange when going abroad, to studying in specific countries and continents (for example United States, Scotland, Asia, France, Scandinavia) and even what it’s like to take a gap year or volunteering abroad. 

This lecture program is something the visitors really appreciated. Just like the way the fair was organized. A visitor explained what she likes so much about this: “The event is very well organized. It's been sectioned into different countries so you get a clear view of what you want.” She also liked the help she got from the exhibitors: “The people have been very welcoming and answered all of my questions.”

The option to talk with former students who went abroad is something lots of visitors mentioned as the biggest advantage of visiting the two-day event. One young person summarized it as follows: “There are a lot of ex-students, so we could exchange ideas. And all of these people are really friendly and helpful.” We couldn’t agree more!

Focus on next year

We can safely say that this edition of The Go-Abroad Fair was a great success, and that’s why we already look forward to the next edition of the fair. This one will take place on November 24 and 25 2023, again in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Hopefully we see you there!

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