Alytaus Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences

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Alytaus Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences

Information about the institution

The mission of the institution is to educate qualified specialists of business and technology fields acquiring higher professional education, who are able to work independently under conditions of competition market and supply social and economic needs of Alytus region and the country; to provide conditions for lifelong learning, improve the acquired qualification and retrain; raise educated, creative, respectable, enterprising and ethically responsible personalities, educate the society, form its social, technological and engineering culture, moral values, public spirit and civic self-consciousness.

The institution provides internationally accredited higher education study programmes, offering Professional Bachelor's degree in the fields of Business and Public Management, Health Sciences, Technological Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Informatics Sciences. 10 study programmes with excellent standards of studies seek to integrate international, intercultural and global dimensions and demonstrate the commitment of the institution to its mission. Four study programmes “Information Systems“, “Multimedia and Visual Communication”, “Business Management“ and “Transport and Logistics Business” are offered in English. Regional Centre of Technology provides modern facilities for students and academic staff to implement applied research in the area of technologies. The system of eLearning supports improvement of access and quality of studies and compatibility of studies and work.

What education levels can be offered by your institution?

  • Bachelor's studies