Beijing Normal University

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Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University, a key university under the administration of the Ministry of Education, is a renowned institution of higher education known for teacher education, education science and basic learning in both the arts and the sciences. The university’s predecessor, the Normal College of the Imperial University of Peking, was founded in 1902. 
Adhering to the tradition of “Patriotism, Progress, Honesty, Sincerity, Truth-Seeking, Innovation and being a paragon of virtue and learning” in the spirit of “Learn, so as to instruct others, act, to serve as example to all,” Beijing Normal University’s philosophy is “Pursuing knowledge, cultivating personality, and Helping the whole world.”
Beijing Normal University is a comprehensive and research-intensive university with its main characteristics of basic disciplines in science and humanities, teacher education and educational science. According to the QS 2020 World University Rankings, the university ranked among the best among universities and colleges in China. The University has 16 national key disciplines, among which Chinese Language and Literature, Education, Psychology, History, Studies of Drama, Film and Television, and Geography are ranked first in China.
Beijing Normal University regards international cooperation as important. At present, the university has cooperative ties with over 500 universities and organizations from more than 30 countries and regions. In the past 3 years, hundreds of BNU students have studied abroad; Each year, above 600 international professors and scholars are invited to lecture and research at the University and over 1000 Beijing Normal University faculty members participate in international conferences and research. The University has around 1600 long-term international students from more than 120 countries and regions.

Total student population: over 24,000
-Undergraduates: 10,105
-Masters 8,593
-Doctoral: 4,163
-International Student: 1,600
-English-Taught Master Programs: Eight
-English-Taught Doctoral Programs: Seven