Brockwood Park School

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Brockwood Park School

Situated in the South of England, on a large country estate around an hour from London, Brockwood Park School students and teachers live, work, play and inquire together, caring for the estate and grounds themselves. The school has an active environmental programme and is vegetarian, using organic ingredients wherever possible, many of them from the school’s own organic garden.

As an international boarding school, students come from over 20 different countries and the mix of cultures provides excellent opportunities to learn other languages and make international friends. With around up to 75 students aged 14 to 19, the school has the feel of a large family rather than a boarding school.

All students have an individual timetable and may prepare for university entrance examinations by taking A / AS levels or SATs, focus on EAL certification or develop their own projects and portfolios in keeping with their particular talents and interests. In all cases, assessment of each student is by written and verbal reports, rather than grades. Classes have 7 students on average, so teachers can give individual attention to each student.

After leaving Brockwood, most students continue their education at university or at a further education college; generally in the UK, US, Europe or in their home countries. The admissions criteria for further education can be based on a number of factors, including consideration of the subjects studied and exams grades obtained, personal interviews/auditions and coursework/portfolios. The acceptance of our students by universities or colleges has never been an issue as Admissions Officers tend to look at the whole person and this is where Brockwood students often have an advantage.

Students gain both a good academic education and one that nurtures in them human qualities such as affection, self-knowledge, creativity, integrity and co-operation. Students are invited to discuss conformity, anger, fear and relationship just as readily as they are required to study Mathematics, English and Science.