Global Horizons USA

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Tussenjaar, Uitwisseling, High school year

Global Horizons USA

Global Horizons USA is an international student exchange organization whose mission is to foster educational and cultural student exchange between USA and other countries of the world. We are a small organization that offers personalized service to students, host families and schools both public, private and boarding. We believe that learning about other cultures, languages, and customs is the best way to eliminate international fears and prejudices. 

We select students to our program based on their emotional intelligence (EQ). We want active, responsible, positive, adaptable teenagers who are not afraid of the challenges associated with spending a school year (multiple years) abroad. They are talented musicians, artists, athletes and overall nice kids that can fit in and adapt to their host families and their environment.  

Each student no matter which country they come from go through a personal in-home interview and if selected into our program, have a pre-departure orientation together with all the students from their country. 

Please feel free to check our program video here to get a better understanding of our organization - - sign up for a free interview today!