LCC International University

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LCC International University

Information about the institution

LCC International University is a North American style university, fully accredited, with the language of instruction being English. The liberal arts model of education allows students to study variety of disciplines: sciences, business, history, arts, international relations, economics, communications, etc. while at the same time getting an in-depth training in a particular chosen major. LCC provides a quality university learning experience so that students become truly well educated; critical thinkers, emerging leaders and engaged global citizens.

Approximately 2/3 of professors come from North America, with about 1/3 coming from Western Europe or Lithuania. The university has 650 students in the BA and MA programs, with 73% of them coming from 53 countries. In addition, every semester LCC hosts around 40 American students from more than 30 partner institutions (mostly in the USA) who study for a Study Abroad semester. Their credits transfer back to their North American institutions. Every semester the university also hosts Erasmus exchange students as well as sends LCC students for semester abroad to experience to universities in Europe, North America and Asia.

The university has a fully residential campus with academic buildings, sports facilities, cafeteria, and two dormitories.

In the summer, the university runs summer programs for university students, summer English language school, English camps.

What education levels can be offered by your institution?

  • Bachelor's studies
  • Master's studies
  • Language courses