Modul University Vienna

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Bachelor, Master, Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy degree


Modul University Vienna

Modul University Vienna is an international university for business and economics, with a strong research focus on international management, service-related industries, tourism, sustainability, data science, and the design of information systems. The University combines a strong academic foundation with steadfast commitment to sustainability, entrepreneurship, and innovation as the key drivers of long-term success. It aims to foster independent and original research and in turn, bring the benefits of innovation to the research community and the public.

In pursuit of its mission, the University responds creatively to local, national, and global changes. It initiates and supports internationalization, lifelong learning, equality, and social justice. The University applies rigorous standards of scholarship and promotes the principles of freedom of scientific thought and teaching, as well as equal opportunity. The University commits itself to continuous quality improvement and extension of its educational programs.

The profiling of the University is carried out through comprehensive research and education in various scientific disciplines. In addition, the University styles itself as an institution for an integrated academic education that is seldom encountered at the university level in Austria and Europe. This integrated education is understood as an intertwining of decision-making competence on a professional level and personal development, and represents a combination of methodical problem solving, social, and psychosocial learning.

Environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic viability are key principles of the University. The University’s overarching commitment for the present development period is to contribute to meeting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Modul University Vienna