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World-renowned schools

Our traditions are rooted in the rich history of Swiss hospitality. We are committed to giving tomorrow's professionals the skills they need to thrive in a competitive marketplace. All of our schools occupy top positions in global and national hospitality education rankings. This is a tribute to the quality of our staff, the excellence of our programs and teaching methodology, and our state-of-the-art campuses.

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

To thrive in the dynamic, ever-changing world of hospitality, entrepreneurship and innovation are key, and at César Ritz Colleges, students are set up for success with a hands-on business education that values independent, visionary thinking and leadership.

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Nurture talent, feed curiosity, and build strong foundations to succeed at one of the world’s finest culinary schools. Where industry legends inspire and where education blends culinary mastery with business practicality and hospitality knowledge.

Swiss Hotel Management School

A hands-on education that embraces digital transformation, learning by doing, thoroughly prepares our students for their future careers. Swiss Hotel Management School offers innovative, career-focused academic programs at undergraduate and graduate level.

Hotel Institute Montreux

Located in one of Switzerland’s most picturesque locations, Montreux. Learn the secrets of the hospitality world and get business insights from renowned industry leaders; with the flexibility to tailor education with specializations. A distinguished degree that opens the doors to a world full of possibility.


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