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Bachelor, Master of Business Administration


United Business Institutes - Business School in Brussels & Luxembourg

Since 1992, UBI is proud to offer British Business degrees outside of the UK, with a forward-looking focus on globalisation, digital economy, and global citizenship.

Our academic strength is partly thanks to our small classes that allow for individual empowerment and development. All our programmes employ a practical approach to business education within an international context, combing the latest thinking in management theory with a clear focus on practical education through projects, internships and case studies.

Our intake periods are:

Dutch students may be eligible for study grants from ‘studie financiering’ at DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs)

If  you are still undecided, we invite you to come have a chat with us on our stand, grab some brochures and goodies, or even organise a Skype/Zoom call with us to discuss our programmes and student life in more details.

Please feel free to get in touch with carole.berreur@ubi.edu (Brussels campus) or jocelyn.duffort@ubi.edu (Luxembourg campus) to organise this informal talk.

UBI Graduation in Luxembourg and Belgium

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