University College Absalon

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University College Absalon

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ABSALON is a regional university college, covering the geographical area of Region Zealand. University College Absalon is the central driver for education and growth in the region with approximately 8,500 students and 750 employees at eight campuses. From 2020 University College Absalon will offer twelve professional bachelor degree programmes. All campuses are easily reached from Copenhagen by train.

University College Absalon offers two full degree programmes in English – a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology and an International Honour’s Degree in Teaching. University College Absalon has close partnerships with relevant workplaces that employ graduates. This ensures high quality traineeship opportunities as well as the development of study programmes that provide graduates with the skills needed to function in an ever changing job market. University College Absalon prioritizes education that develops students’ professional qualifications and social competences - educations that contribute to high standards in the public as well as the private sector.

University College Absalon attracts an increasing number of exchange students to international semesters and professional traineeships.

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