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University of Edinburgh

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A centre of academic excellence for over 430 years, and located in the heart of Scotland's capital city and largest financial centre, the University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s leading universities, offering nearly 400 undergraduate programmes across the arts, humanities and sciences:


With over 45,000 students from over 160 countries, Edinburgh is also one of the largest UK universities, proud of its vibrant and cosmopolitan environment for living and learning.

We teach more European languages than any other university in Scotland, and many students will have the opportunity to study languages as an outside subject even if it's not part of their degree.

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Our beautiful city was voted the best place in the world to visit (Timeout Index 2022), and has a great social and cultural life. As the “Festival City”, Edinburgh hosts 30 international festivals throughout the year, including the world’s largest arts festival, the International Festival Fringe, which is partly hosted on our campus.

Edinburgh is easy to get around and wherever you are in the city, you are seldom far from an exciting activity. And if you need a break from city life, the breathtaking Scottish countryside and coastline are just a few miles away.

From over 300 student societies and 65 sports clubs to choose from, we offer something for everyone.

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