Extensive marketing campaign

The Go-Abroad Fair is supported by an extensive marketing campaign, using a wide array of marketing communication tools to effectively reach multiple specific target groups.

Geoptimaliseerde website

Optimised Websites

The engaging and optimised websites of the specific expos are filled with interesting and relevant content for both visitors and exhibitors.


Exposure in educational specials

The Go-Abroad Fair will be broadly highlighted in multiple educational specials with editions covering all of the Netherlands. Inserted in the biggest Dutch newspapers such as AD, Brabants Dagblad, Eindhovens Dagblad, De Stentor en Tubantia.

Uitingen partners & exposanten

Exposure by partners & exhibitors

Partners and exhibitors of The Go-Abroad Fair will also do their utmost to promote the expo as best they can. For example, by distributing partners mails, adverts, hosting social media campaigns, spreading posters and flyers, and advertising at own events.



Use of newsletters to selected and segmented databases of pupils, students, parents, student counselors, international offices and international schools.

Benadering decanen & international Offices

Reaching study counselors & international offices

Effectively reach study counselors & international offices using our own database, specific mailing campaigns and by promoting our expo portfolio at study counselor meetings.

Social Media

Social Media

Extensive targeted wide-reaching social media campaigns during the weeks coming up to the expo, using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others.

Opvallend op scholen

Exposure at schools

Eye-catching posters and flyers at secondary schools, colleges, universities and gyms, distributed by study counselors and international offices. Additional exposure through street billboard sized posters and digitally via narrowcasting on TV and information screens in schools.

Online Campagne

Online Campaign

A detailed online campaign using Google AdWorks, Google Display Network and Remarketing (on Google and Facebook) with over a million views.


Outdoor Advertisement

Sandwich boards and banners along high traffic roads, near schools and close to city hot spots, as well as exposure on highway billboards.

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