About The Go-Abroad Fair

Compleet aanbod

Wide Selection

The expo offers a wide selection of colleges and universities abroad, as well as organisations focusing on language trips, volunteer work, internships, gap years and high school programmes. View the list of participants.

Inhoudelijk programma

Extensive Program

Visitors can attend inspiring lectures for free, covering themes such as studies, internships, and gap years abroad. Additionally, there are several (former) students sharing every detail of their international experiences .

Lectures take place in the lecture halls at the expo. Signing up for lectures in advance is not necessary. For more information about the expo program click here.

Persoonlijke plattegrond

Personal map

Before and during the expo you can use the personal map to plan your personal route. By filtering on level, country and/or fields of interest, you create your own personal map for your expo visit, based on you individual preferences.


Theme Squares

The expo is divided into several squares, making sure it is clear to visitors where they can find information that is relevant to them.

Meeting Point

Meeting Point

There is a meeting point at the expo. Here visitors can talk to and ask (former) students about their experiences studying and living abroad.