Why go abroad?

Do you have students who are interested in going abroad, but are not convinced yet? Here are three reasons why we believe they should not miss out on international experience.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Many students have gone before and when you read their stories, you cannot be anything but excited. There is a reason why students call it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Aside from all the beautiful places and amazing parties that they will visit, they will improve their language skills, they will live and learn and about a new culture and meet exciting new people.

Better chances of getting a job

Apart from it being an amazing experience, going abroad has been shown to be a wise career move too. Research done by the European Commission shows that young people who have studied abroad have a better chance of getting a job and keeping it in a later stage.

At the moment, about 17% (117,353) of Dutch students does part of their studies abroad, and 2.3% (15,877) of Dutch students do a complete course outside of the Netherlands. The Dutch government encourages international exchange programmes and helps students by making studying abroad financially interesting for them.

Financial Support

Students who qualify for study grants and loans can use these all over the world. Additionally, students can sometimes even apply for a special scholarship to do a study programme abroad. 

In other words, this is the perfect moment to do a study, internship, gap year or work (vacation) abroad. It is much easier to embark on an international adventure now, when they do not have a full-time jobs, a mortgages, or perhaps even children. Let your students know about The Go-Abroad Fair on 24 & 25 November for inspiration and more information on the possibilities.