Why Go Abroad?

Broaden your horizon? Gaining priceless experiences? Learning about a new language, land and culture? Or being one step ahead of applicants without experience abroad?

Choose a study, gap year or an internship abroad!

Studying or working abroad is a special and valuable experience. An incredible adventure that is beneficial to your resume as well as your personal development.

Five reasons why you should study abroad

Academische uitdaging

1. For the academic challenge

Studying abroad is an opportunity for you to study at a top university in your field or follow specific courses that are not available in the Netherlands. You learn how to approach problems in an international context and gain new insights in your field. Additionally, studying abroad - as well as taking a gap year or doing an internship - is a great opportunity to learn a new language.

Werkgevers vinden het een pre

2. International experience is valued by employers

Research shows employers think highly of international experience. Having a gap year, a study or internship abroad on your resume is a great way to positively distinguish you from other applicants. Students who have done a study or an internship abroad are hired quicker and generally receive a higher starting salary than competitive students without international experience. Moreover, it is important to build an international network in order to enhance your position in your industry.

Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

3. For personal development

Staying abroad will benefit both your social and cultural skills. It is an exciting adventure that takes a lot of planning, but also requires you to manage in a completely new environment; a great character-building experience. Additionally, learning about another culture is also a great way to become aware of and reflect on yourself. American research shows that people who have spent time abroad are better at thinking of creative solutions to the problems they are confronted with.

Geweldige ervaring

4. Because it’s a great experience

A gap year, study or internship abroad is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and socialise with fellow students in your area. By staying abroad, you familiarise yourself with another country and its culture as a temporary resident, instead of a tourist. You get to explore the local towns and often the entire region and country as well. The Netherlands will never be the same again.

Unieke kans

5. Because it’s a unique opportunity

It is not that easy to embark on an international adventure when you have a full-time job, a mortgage, or children perhaps. Well, you have to opportunity now. So grab this opportunity and start your adventure at The Go-Abroad Fair!

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