“We had 100 applications and tons of other leads”

More and more Dutch students decide to go abroad for either a study, gap year or an internship. These adventurous students are looking for information about the possibilities abroad. How do you reach out to these aspiring adventurers? For many students the most effective way is to have all educational institutions, providers and agencies in one inspiring physical place. In other words: The Go-Abroad Fair in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. With over 7.500 visitors it is the biggest international student recruitment fair in the Benelux. This makes it an ideal place to gather information, meet educational institutions and other organizations, and make progress in the decision making. This automatically means that for internship agencies there are a lot of prospects present. The Go-Abroad Fair is the place to show your organisation to your target audience. There are many examples of how participation in The Go-Abroad Fair can be beneficial for you.

Why participate

In this paper we do an effort in answering the question why it is beneficial as an internship agency to become an exhibitor of The Go-Abroad Fair. To get a compelling answer, interviews were conducted with two exhibiting agencies. In this paper a summary of those interviews is presented. In case you are looking for an effective and beneficial way to promote your internship agency and to generate more leads from a motivated and well oriented audience, you should definitely read this. Interviews were conducted with Career Without Frontiers and Stagereizen.nl. These two exhibiting  internship agencies will each explain why they have chosen to become exhibitor, what the benefits are for them and what they like about the fair in general.

Career Without Frontiers Stagebureau

Career Without Frontiers

Career Without Frontiers (CWF) was founded by two ambitious young women who saw a need for an international internship agency. So, two years ago, they founded the organisation. CWF mediates in international internships and jobs. They also provide advice for international programs at schools. The 2019 edition was CWF’s debut. Together with The Go Abroad Fair organisation, Houda Boushabi, Co-Founder CWF, found a good spot for the stand. “Although, we only existed for one year, I wanted to exhibit at this fair because it is the biggest recruitment fair of all. We wanted to know what the fair looks like, what kind visitors come, what the latest trends are and who is exhibiting. Of course we also wanted to promote our brand.”

“We got phone calls from parents to thank us for the good conversation their children had with us."

The outcome of participating at The Go-Abroad Fair was better than expected: “We even got some phone calls from parents to thank us for the good conversation their children had with us. But more importantly, we had 100 applications and tons of other leads. We can definitely say this was an outstanding fair for us.” Boushabi’s favorite aspects of The Go-Abroad Fair are: “the amount of visitors – and most of all the quality of the conversations we have had – and the diversity of exhibitors. We have had two amazing days: the fair is very well organized, it is well promoted and communication with the organisation is great, they help you in every aspect. For these reasons, I would definitely recommend The Go-Abroad Fair to other internship agencies.”

Stagereizen.nl stagebureau


Stagereizen.nl is founded by college friends in the Netherlands. They offer internships in Australia and New-Zealand. Stagereizen.nl’s headquarter is located in Auckland, to ensure short communication-lines when their client are doing their internship. However, the organisation does have an office in the Netherlands to recruit new students.  Anneke Gardebroek, Sales Manager The Netherlands at Stagereizen.nl: “We have been exhibiting for at least five years at The Go-Abroad Fair. Back in the day we needed an efficient way to promote our company, so after a research to the right method, I decided to participate in The Go-Abroad Fair. We’ve been an exhibitor for so long because we are very happy how things are done and the results we book here.”

The reason Stagereizen.nl still exhibits at The Go-Abroad Fair is because it has the right target audience. Gardebroek: “Our target audience is over eighteen and is either looking for a gap year or an internship abroad. This matches with the visitors profile of the fair, which is perfect for an internship agency. Even if the visitors are under eighteen, we are still able to enroll them when they reach the appropriate age. In other words: The Go-Abroad Fair helps us in reaching our target audience. This is not without results: every year we have at least ten to fifteen applications and at least 300 qualified leads.”

The presence of parents has a positive outcome

Gardebroek, who also takes part in other recruitment fairs, states that The Go-Abroad Fair differs in a couple of ways from other fairs: “What I really like is that students are accompanied by their parents, which makes it easier for us to gain their trust. Another great aspect of this fair is that the organisation takes really good care of its exhibitors. Everything is taken care of: from your stand, to the visitor marketing. That is why I would recommend The Go-Abroad Fair to other internship agencies. I have already signed-up for 2020!”


In this paper we did an effort in answering the question why – as an internship agency –  you should become an exhibitor at The Go-Abroad Fair. To get a compelling answer, we interviewed two international internship agencies. We can conclude that for each of the interviewed exhibitors there are clear benefits of being part of The Go-Abroad Fair:
•    Career Without Frontiers would recommend The Go-Abroad Fair to other agencies because of the quality of leads and the many opportunities to create business – CWF had 100 applications only from The Go-Abroad Fair;
•    Career Without Frontiers also states that The Go-Abroad Fair is a good place to meet the competition and spot new trends in this field;
•    Stagereizen.nl states that this is the biggest recruitment fair in the Netherlands, with the highest quality leads. Last year, Stagereizen.nl managed to get fifteen new clients directly from The Go-Abroad Fair;
•    Stagereizen.nl also mentioned that the presence of parents is a positive aspect, because when meeting face-to-face with the agency, parents tend to trust the organisation quicker;
•    Lastly, both agencies would recommend The Go-Abroad Fair because of the good collaboration, organisation, service and communication between them and the organization.

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